By: Lynn Oles & Lisa Hartsink

The Benefits of Staging


When you are selling your home, you are not only selling the property but also the feeling of comfort, homeliness and warmth associated with it. Staging a home contributes immensely to creating that feeling and making potential buyers fall in love with what they see. Remember, buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living there, and they can easier do so in a perfectly arranged setting. Stag...Read More

By: Lynn Oles & Lisa Hartsink

How Will The New Stress Tests Affect Canadian Homebuyers?

Tags: New Stress Tests, qualifying for a mortgage, homebuyers

The year 2018 is around the corner, and Canadian homebuyers are going to face a very tough mortgage approval procedure as soon as we step into the new year. Since OSFI announced the introduction of new stress tests this fall, the real estate market became one of the major topics again. The real estate market has gone through some turbulent changes this year, and we have seen the government interv...Read More